Herby’s El Mexicano (Bressler, Pa.)

Grapefruit soda and chips and salsa.

Tonight I went to Herby’s El Mexicano, a Mexican restaurant I’ve gone to a lot in the past.  It’s in Bressler, Pa., near Harrisburg, and there is absolutely no other restaurant in the area like this one. It is family owned and their food is always delicious. 

First, I ordered a grapefruit soda and it was fantastic.

I love the shrimp tacos.

For my main dish, I ordered shrimp tacos with rice and beans on the side. I normally get this dish all the time when I go to this restaurant. It’s my favorite dish there because I love shrimp and tacos.

Guess what, lucky me, I even ran into the owner, Maria, and her grandaughter Elise, and they gave me a quick peek into the kitchen.

Banana burrito, muy delicioso!

Banana cheesecake burrito, delicious!

I got to watch them make my dessert, a yummy banana cheesecake burrito with whipped cream and ice cream and fudge and honey mixed and drizzling down the sides of the warm burrito. With, of course, a cherry on top.  Sorry about the fact that I dug into the dessert before we took the picture, but I just couldn’t resist!  If you click on the photo, you can see close up how yummy it is.

When I am in the restaurant, I feel like I’m surrounded by Mexican cultures. 

I love the colorful little dishes around the windows.

There are colorful paintings, murals, designs, furniture, Mariachi music, and of course, food. I love the way that there are little painted pottery dishes surrounding the windows.

Me and the owner of Herby's, Maria.

I think that if you’re a kid and you like Mexican food, you would like Herby’s.



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3 responses to “Herby’s El Mexicano (Bressler, Pa.)

  1. Kathy Snavely

    You’ve done it again! Congratulations, young lady with a spectacular future!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mexican food. It’s not my favorite but I like tacos. Do the have tacos there? If they do my brother would like it at that Herby’s. I also like other Mexican foods. It seems you like Mexican food so I wall give you a Mexican place. I think it’s called El Rodeo. I’ve never been there, but I heard it’s really good!



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