Vegetarian Easter dinner

Veggies roasting in the oven, for on top of the salad.

Today I had a vegetarian Easter dinner with my mom and my sister because my sister asked if we could have vegetarian. It was delicious and we didn’t even miss the ham that we usually have. Here is a picture of the vegetables roasting in the oven.

While my mom was cooking the dinner, my sister was teaching me how to do the electric slide and the macarena and the cupid shuffle. It was pretty fun. 

My mom made a deviled egg bruschetta which is on toast, a creamy baked corn dish, and a spinach salad with roasted yams, green beans, pecans, and red onions. The roasted vegetables were sweet and the salad had a tangy dressing made of yogurt, vinegar, honey, and garlic.

Vegetarian Easter dinner.

She also made roasted carrots which were soft.  The egg toast was like a breakfast appetizer. It was delicioso! My favorite dish is the baked corn.  My mom makes that for almost every holiday because we love it so much.  It has corn, creamed corn, corn meal, butter, and sour cream in it and it’s yummy.

Baked corn with cornmeal, butter, and sour cream.

That was the Easter feast!  Happy Easter!



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2 responses to “Vegetarian Easter dinner

  1. Maria santelli

    That looks yummy! Could you please send me recipe to corn pie! I have had it a few places around here . Would like to make some for my kids!

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